The Stanwood Public Library was founded by the Junior Women’s Club on March 11, 1948.  It’s first home was in a corner of the school library.  Before it found a permanent home, the library was lodged in the old Legion Building, in the Stanwood Herald Building (where the post office now stands) and then in the Memorial Building.  After 2 years in the Memorial Building, they moved across the street to the corner of Broadway and Elm, where the Cedar Communications building now stands. 


On January 1, 1989, the library was put under the jurisdiction of the City of Stanwood.  Land was eventually donated on the other corner of Broadway and Elm and the board began raising funds for a new building.  A groundbreaking ceremony took place in June 1994 and the library has been at its current location ever since.


Megan Mallie, Director



202 E Broadway Street

P.O. 234

Stanwood, Iowa 52337

(563) 942-3531




Monday: 2PM - 5PM

Tuesday: 2PM - 7PM

Wednesday: 1PM - 6PM

Thursday: 3PM - 6PM

Friday: 9AM - 4PM

Saturday: 10AM - 2PM

Sunday: Closed